Reporting and Quality Assurance

Reporting and Quality Assurance 1

Blockchain reporting for growers


Our one-of-a-kind blockchain system for cannabis growers uses the blockchain network to create reports for cannabis growers and government regulators. Growers add data to the blockchain when they cultivate the plant such as how long the plant is, how healthy it is, what nutrients it’s been provided, and the climate where it’s growing.

Blockchain reporting for government officials


During harvest and routine inspections, government officials will update data on the system that will append data to the blockchain. A state-accredited testing facility will append the test results to the blockchain, including whether the product passed and what the genetical composition of the product is.

Reporting and Quality Assurance 2
Reporting and Quality Assurance 3

Reports for sales


You can use our blockchain technology software to generate all sorts of reports, such as sales reports, reimbursements, patient tracking, and other important data points.

Quality assurance


Because only cannabis plants that meet government standards can be sold, the government regulators will append the results of their tests to the blockchain. If a plant does not pass the stringent tests, then data concerning why the test failed will be appended to the blockchain.

Reporting and Quality Assurance 4
Reporting and Quality Assurance 5

Reporting at point of sale


The blockchain also stores information about which store gets a product and the end buyer who purchases it.

Lab reports


You’ll know exactly how potent every plant in stock is with thorough lab reports that integrate with the WhitePistils™ platform.

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Reporting and Quality Assurance 7

Avoid recalls


Our thorough processing system and adoption of blockchain technology prevent recalls from ever happening. The government is able to control and measure the safety of every product and can ensure that products that don’t meet standards never make it to the market. They can pull products off the shelf that originate from a specific mother plant if issues get reported.

Track reactions


You can make notes of patients’ reactions and open investigations if necessary

Reporting and Quality Assurance 8