Introducing WhitePistils™:
A seed-to-sale solution for the Legal Cannabis Industry

WhitePistils ™ is a seed-to-sale software designed exclusively for the legal cannabis grower. The software is designed and built in the US by Confianz Global inc ®.


WhitePistils ™ (patent pending) is powered by proprietary blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide the best cannabis compliance with government departments, full traceability from seed-to-sale, and a built-in consensus system for all parties to come to agreement on changes on data, otherwise not trusted in real life, using a secured private blockchain framework.


There are other seed-to-sale software companies out there, but none provide the security or regulatory compliance safeguards that come from utilizing blockchain and AI technologies. See for yourself how WhitePistils™ stands out from our competitors.

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Experience the WhitePistils™ difference

Now you can experience the most secure seed-to-sale software to manage data, adhere to all government regulations, and package and sell your cannabis products. Stay compliant with the most confidential and secure seed-to-sale software ever created.

Other software is disconnected and relies heavily on human trust. The government and the growers have no way to track the process of cultivating cannabis from seed to sale to identify mismanagement or human error. By utilizing proprietary advanced blockchain and AI technology, we have developed cannabis software that securely and methodically documents plant growth while adhering to government regulations.


WhitePistils™ was designed specifically to meet all compliance regulations across states. Because every state has its own compliance regulations, this is especially important for cannabis growers who face the challenge of providing accurate government reporting, quality assurance, and adhering to best practices and high standards.


We know that there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to cannabis regulation, monitoring, and management. That’s why we’re here to help you with onsite training, troubleshooting, audits, and anything else that comes your way as you use our software and as the cannabis laws continue to


More Than Just Your Average Software

WhitePistils™ goes way beyond traditional software with a fully integrated system of tracking, monitoring, reporting, and analyzing data for the cannabis industry.

WhitePistils used blockchain technology to track and report the cannabis growing process. Avoid recalls and surprises with thorough step-by-step blockchain adaptation. Always-on customer support team

Seed-to-sale software for the cannabis industry

The first easy-to-use seed-to-sale solution for the legalized cannabis industry that’s powered by AI and blockchain technology.

Growing and Production

Client Management

Reporting and Quality Assurance

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Track Growth

Growers add blocks to the blockchain network as they record and monitor changes in growth and movement from seed to sale.

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Monitor Process

With the full process from seed to sale tracked and appended to the blockchain, growers can keep track of production and make changes to get better results on future plants.

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Seamless Sales

An e-commerce platform that’s already integrated with the WhitePistils™ platform makes it easy to track and manage sales.

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Accurate Reports

Blockchain and AI technology ensure that the reports you get from WhitePistils™ have the most accurate information available.

See WhitePistils™ at TechDisrupt in 2019

WhitePistils ™ is currently on Beta. If you’re interested in learning more about it and seeing it in action, join us at our booth for this year’s TechDisrupt!


TechDisrupt: October 2 – 4, 2019

10: 00 AM PST

Moscone Center North, San Francisco, CA


TechDistrupt is TechCrunch’s annual conference. Featuring revolutionary startups and game-changing technology, the conference draws over 8,000 attendees each year. Confianz Global® will have a table on the exhibition floor (location DB3) and will be launching our blockchain powered product WhitePistils™, which is patent pending.

To learn more or to set up a time to connect at TechDisrupt, contact us today!

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