Client Management

Client Management 1

Thorough client database


Keep track of your clients with our all-inclusive client database. You can customize medical profiles, keep track of communication logs, and upload documents. Because we use blockchain technology, everything you input into the database is protected and secured.

Manage prescriptions


The system comes with limits on patient orders that are automatically enforced. This makes it simple to manage prescriptions from the platform.

Client Management 2
Client Management 3

Insurance coverage


WhitePistils™ works with insurance companies in an effort to reduce the amount clients have to pay out-of-pocket.

Onboard clients with ease


It’s a breeze to create leads and add clients to your database. Our custom forms and ready-to-use options give you flexibility and allow you to add as much information as you need for each client.

Client Management 4
Client Management 5

Manage referrals


We reward referrals with a referral tracking system that’s already built into the WhitePistils™ platform.