Growing and Production

Growing and Production 1

Integrated hardware


You’ll use wireless scanner guns that already have WhitePistils™ software loaded onto them to easily update records and track your actions. The software provides workflow prompts to make sure you don’t miss a step, giving you the most efficient way to track and record.

Harvest management


You’ll add blocks to the blockchain network as you manage your harvest with a flexible digital workflow that’s easy to scale as your business and facility grow. Record how many plants harvested along with the weight of the yield and any waste reduction.

Growing and Production 2
Growing and Production 3

Accurate plant tracking


You’ll be able to track everything that happens with every plant in real-time with WhitePistils™. Every time a change occurs in the plant, e.g. flowering, harvesting, curing, etc., a block gets added to the blockchain.

Our software uses an all-digital barcoding system that’s simple but effective and will make sure every leaf on every plant is accounted for with acute accuracy.

Controlled bulk inventory


You might have more than just fresh cannabis, so you need a software that manages everything from oils and flowers to fresh cannabis. Keep detailed records of every cannabis-related substance you cultivate with WhitePistils™.

Growing and Production 4
Growing and Production 5

Product processing


Keep track of the inputs and outputs of your manufacturing processes so you can process your product accordingly, whether that involves drying, diluting, mixing, or extracting your bulk product.

Efficient packaging


Your product is only worthwhile to grow and cultivate if you can package it for sale efficiently. Our network-enabled printers and scales will improve your packaging workflow. This makes your packaging process more efficient and accurate than ever.

Growing and Production 6